Saturday, July 05, 2003

All I can see is architecture.

It was the last day of June. I could feel myself falling through the array. The sights & sounds around me distorted like drugs, roaring around me in super 3D...

"People approach & move away & I feel their energy, see them as millions of electrical impulses held in a web..."

I kept looking at the sky, it looked so wonderful and terrifying, so bright and massive beyond the geometry of high rise buildings & cranes.

"Every step is a decision, or the meeting of two decisions - mine to move my foot forward, the pavement's to remain in its place. And the millions of others - the decision of the air to blow this way, of the earth to buckle a paving slab just so... & of my mind to set my body in autopilot motion until a more immediate decision must be made e.g. a road to cross: here is the test in the programme, with a subroutine to guide us through..."

"I predict that this road will take me to Euston, because (a) it did before (b) I read it on a map (c) it looks as though it might. I predict that the ground will not open up and swallow me. I predict that as things seemed before, so they will be today. I base my decisions on these things. I can trust the programming to guide me through. I do not need to wonder if the next slab before me is an illusion. I trust, & I proceed..."

"BUT what of ghosts, & reflections - shapes that seem real & move in unpredictable ways? like the light projected off a watch that darts across the ceiling and walls, random seeming & erratic & wide ranging, produced by the tiniest movements of the typist's wrist. Or like distorted reflections on curved glass, that skake and stretch as the Tube trundles along. Unless I also see the surfact - the glass, the wall, the face of the watch - these things will terrify me & prevent decisions being taken. Then no prediction will be possible. No code will guide us through...."

I thought of ghosts & wondered of the science behind them.

I walked through London and tried to feel normal again.

But all I could see was architecture, & the brilliant sky.

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